An entry for Elijah John.

November 17, 2012

 This is Elijah John. He was born August 7th, 2012 at 9:01 am. Although he is only three months old this little boy has such a personality! That morning was such a special morning. We happened to have a repeat c-section (I had to have a c-section with my first son because I wasn’t dilating.) because he was growing very big inside of my belly. He ended up weighing 9.15 lbs the day he was born. Some say that he was big but to me, he was just perfect. Those few days inside of that hospital were some of my favorites. Besides the nurses and doctors making it feel like home, Elijah was just the perfect addition to our ever growing family. He has blue eyes and dark brown hair just like his daddy. Actually, Jude Parker is a spitting image of myself when I was little and Elijah John is a spitting image of his father when he was little. It’s perfect. One blondie and one brunette. Elijah has always smiled with his eyes and he started smiling as soon as he was out of the womb! Of course, like many newborns, he slept most of the time for the first month. But he rarely cries, even now. He actually yells rather than cries. It’s kind of hilarious! When he does yell it’s only because he’s hungry. Let me tell you, that boy can eat! I’m breastfeeding along with bottle feeding. I try to get as much breast milk in as I possibly can but having a two year old also makes that very difficult. So I mainly breastfeed at night when Jude Parker is in bed and when Elijah needs to do night feedings. With bottle feeding he’s now up to five ounces a feeding! Hey, if the kid’s hungry, let him eat! Now, at three months, he can roll over from back to tummy; hold his head up, coo’s/laughs and can kiiiiind of sit up. He still falls over but he can actually hold himself there for a few seconds. Probably again bias but I’m amazed at his super strength. He has been such a blessing to his father and I. We’re so lucky to have two beautiful, healthy little boys!

Here are some photos from inside the womb up until now, three months:

Our very first look at him! We instantly thought that he looked just like his brother.


Our second look at him! Starting to gain some chub!



When our eyes met yours. Welcome to the world!



It was love at first sight. I was actually balling my eyes out in this photo. Out of happiness, of course.



Really not the best photo but this is when Jude met Elijah for the first time. He wasn’t amused. Now he’s starting to finally warm up to him. It’s really sweet to see.





ONE month:












TWO months:





Little old man. Teheheh.









THREE months/recent:










So to conclude this entry, I love my boys so very much. With them, the husband and I now have a little love nest.


2 Responses to “An entry for Elijah John.”

  1. Manda (and Deej) — I love you both very much and your sons like they were my own. I hope with all of my heart that your family continues to stay the little love nest that you are and grow happier with every passing day. I promise to be involved with the boys’ lives and be as helpful as I can in any which way possible. I know that I’m really busy with school and work right now, but if you ever need anything, even just an ear to vent to, don’t hesitate to ask. <3auntjet. 😉

  2. We love you very much, Jetterbug. ❤ Always.

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