An introduction.

November 17, 2012

My name is Amanda. I’m twenty-four years old and am a mama to two beautiful boys and wife to a handsome fellow named Dennis. We’ve been together for several years and have had plenty of ups and downs. Together we’ve managed to make a little love nest. Our oldest son is named Jude Parker and is two years old. He was born on April 14th, 201o. Our youngest is named Elijah John. He was born on August 7th, 2012. They are both extremely bright boys. Also, most of the time, no-fus kids. Dennis and I really lucked out and are completely grateful for the health and happiness. We live in a little, itty bitty cottage in a small town in upstate new york. Unfortunately we rent but one day, and hopefully soon, we’ll have a place to call our own. My goal is to move up onto the mountains. When ever I am driving through up there I feel so content and I feel like I belong there. It’s one of my favorite feelings.

I’m a stay at home mother and although I love it because I’ve been able to watch my sons grow every day, I feel like I need to step up a little bit more and get a job so I can help out and hopefully help get us to the point where we can own our little love nest. I love to take photos almost every day. I never said I was a professional photographer but I do it so I can document and never forget. I also want my children to be able to look back on their childhood like my father was able to do for me. I love to sing. Preferably ontop of my lungs and to our kids. They seem to enjoy it but our neighbors, not so much. I try to be an optimist as much as I possibly can. Life can be really hard sometimes, or a lot of the time, especially when it comes to money. But I say a mantra everyday and it goes like this: “I’m thankful for all that I have. Everyones healthy and happy and I am blessed.”.

This journal is basically so I can keep more of an in depth “memory log” rather than just photos. If you’d like to join along on our crazy yet beautiful life, go for it. I appreciate and love to meet new mamas so don’t feel afraid to comment! Enjoy!


2 Responses to “An introduction.”

  1. Wow, our sons were born on the same day! My baby Charlie was born on Aug 7th this year too! Your family sounds lovely and wonderful and I love your writing 🙂

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