An entry for the day.

November 18, 2012

 Not too much is going on today. The husband, myself and of course the kids have been house sitting for the in-laws. The husband went to work early this morning so I spent my time cleaning up their house. Which I did way more than I probably should have. You see, they are hoarders so there is a lot of stuff everywhere. They aren’t nearly as bad as the people that you see on tv but they’re pretty bad none the less. So I cleaned and cleaned and changed babies and fed babies and cleaned and saved photos that I’m going to eventually burn onto discs for our children.

Elijah has officially rolled over from his back to his tummy and then again onto his back. I was so ecstatic! I’m so proud of this little bundle of joy! Like I said, probably bias but I’m so thrilled with his super strength.  He amazes me every day. I feel like he’s learning and doing new things every single morning. I love watching my children grow. It really has been the best blessing. They’re, in general, my best blessing.


So I suppose I’ll end this entry with a photo of Elijah John from this morning. Did I mention that he can hold his head up like a boss too? Oh, my kids. ❤


One Response to “An entry for the day.”

  1. You have every right to be proud of them. You’re a wonderful mom and take very good care of those boys. I know you can’t really deal, but it isn’t your responsibility to clean that house for them ya know; but you are you so, I’m not necessarily surprised.. Lol. Anyway, I updated my blog this morning if you get bored today at some point. I’ll more than likely update later on or tomorrow. I spend of being at my house a lot the next two days since Ill be in S town Wednesday to see you guys.

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