An entry for not sleeping.

November 21, 2012


12:12, make a wish.

I just can’t sleep tonight. I keep tossing and turning and repeat. I’m just laying in bed singing every song that comes on the radio.

So, I finally decided to get up, make some chocolate milk and write on here. Why? Don’t know. What about? Beats me! But here I am, seemingly trying to take up time. All three boys are sleeping. I’m just, dare I say it, sick of sleep? Probably not. But I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with me right now.

Plans for tomorrow – clean, clean, clean and then wait for Jets arrival. I’m pretty excited to be spending time with her. Have a few drinks, kick back and relax with a good friend. It’s been a long while. I think I deserve it.

The Lumineers – Ho hey, on repeat please.

Is this the real life?
Or is this fantasy?


2 Responses to “An entry for not sleeping.”

  1. You most certainly did deservie it. I’ve missed you very much; and I had an awfully good time.

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