December 4, 2012


I’ve come to the sad realization that for the rest of my llife, I’m going to be in pain. I asked my doctor how I could’ve developed arthritis in my back and she told me that it could be from having kids. So this is the price I pay for bringing two beautiful boys into this world? It just doesn’t seem fair. I know there are many others with worse problems. I’m just having a self loathing day, I suppose.

Elijah has had me up since 1 am. I just can’t figure out what’s been going on with him. I’m trying to keep up more during the day but if he doesn’t nap he gets super, unbearably cranky. Cranky pants McGee.

This weather really isn’t helping my mood.





One Response to “Realizations.”

  1. It will get better. Your boys love you. ❤

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