These boys.

January 22, 2013


Let’s start off with (not so) little Elijah. He’s five months going on a year old already. He’s super attentive and loves to observe every little detail of every little thing. He rolls everywhere with such determination to get what he wants. His older brother is his favorite thing. When ever Jude is near him, he smiles from ear to ear. He’s currently teething but is seemingly handling it very well. He gets a little cranky here and there but nothing this mama can’t handle. So far he says: “da-da”and tries so hard to say “mama” but only has the “mmmm” part down so far. He hates sleeping. He needs to know what’s going on around him all of the time. He just started sleeping a little better at night. He’s only waking up twice a night to feed but sometimes at 3:00 or 4:00 am he thinks it’s time to get up and play. He has great eye-hand coordination and always finds a way to stick whatever toy he has at the time in his mouth. All in all, he’s been such a great blessing. A great surprise addition to our little family. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry a lot about everything before he was born. No, he wasn’t planned but now that he’s here it feels as if he’s always been here. One of my biggest hopes is that since his brother and him aren’t too many years apart that they’ll grow up to be really close. It’s also weird (but good weird) that we’re going to be planning for another first birthday this year. Two toddlers this year. Oh boy. I’m just so happy that he’s ours and he has completed our family. ♡ (for now)


Jude Parker. My first born. I always say this but there’s just something really special about him. He has a certain glow to him. A certain something that seems to make people just fall in love with him. He’s full blown talking now and since that’s started he’s become quite the comedian. He’s always saying such silly simple things that we can’t help but laugh at. He has such a great imagination and when he plays alone, he’s very content. That’s not to say that he doesn’t get along with other kids because he does. Unfortunately he’s not around other kids as much as others would probably like. He has a little girl cousin, named River, that’s his age but she lives in New Kingston which is pretty far from where we live. They get along good and love to play together. Jude’s just a little too rough sometimes. It’s the sweetest kind of rough though. For instance; when we saw the family on Christmas, River and Jude were playing and out of nowhere Jude gave her the biggest hug but didn’t want to let go. Her mother freaked, as she does over every little thing, and we had to separate them. I didn’t think it was quite fair but as I’ve grown older I’ve realized it’s just much easier to keep my mouth shut. I should probably go to one of those “Mommy and Me” groups but between having to always do so much and being antisocial, I just haven’t. You see, I have really bad anxieties. I have no idea where they came from nor how to stop it. I just don’t do the things that make me the most uncomfortable. I probably should seek help from a therapist but in my mind, I believe that they’re just there for a paycheck and could give a rat’s ass about you. Okay, back to the subject. He is great around other kids regardless he’s not around them often. He’s always on the go. He doesn’t take afternoon naps anymore. The only time he does nap is if we are driving in the car for an extended period of time. My family has been urging me to get him checked for ADHD but I refuse. First of all, he’s two. Aren’t two year olds supposed to have an abundance of energy? Everything is still new to them but only now they can run, skip, walk and actually explore. Second of all, I’m not keen on the medication he’d be put on if it were true. To me, he’s perfect. Yes, it’s probably because I am his mother but I just don’t see a thing wrong with the boy. Every person he comes in contact with seems to fall right in love with him. He’s just a really happy kid. Both of the boys are. ( I must be doing something right.) Those bright blue eyes and super long and thick eyelashes are to die for.

They’re the best kids anybody could’ve ever asked for. I say this a lot but I truly am blessed. Everything in my life at the moment seems almost too perfect to be true. It’s been a really long time since I’ve felt secure and overall just THIS good. It’s true, if you work hard, you’ll go far.


3 Responses to “These boys.”

  1. eatingdirt83 said

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hopeless you enjoy it. I think I’ll enjoy reading about your adventures too, especially since you also have two boys! I love both their names by the way! My JP is actually only JP on the blog, his two middle initials.

  2. uh, I HOPE, not hopeless.

  3. Jude sounds Sooo much like Tristan. You are such a great mommy and so blessed to have these two boys in your life! I have no doubt that they will be the best of friends and love having one another to play with!

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