Feeling much better.

January 27, 2013


Today has been good to me, depression wise. I feel much happier and energetic today. The husband has been working so I’ve been home with the boys all day. We played, I cleaned, we played some more, we ate, we napped and now we’re playing some more!

I start my first day at work tomorrow! I’m excited and anxious all in one! I haven’t worked in three years. The plan was for me to stay at home and raise Jude. Then the husband got laid off from his job and it all went downhill from there. Since then the husband has been working odd jobs. Mostly working for his fathers construction company. But no matter how many hours this poor man puts in, it’s never enough. Our little surprise baby, Elijah, put us through a loop financially but even so I’d never even wish to take any of it back. It’s just been rough and it’s true, money is the root of all evil. The husband and I have seen each other’s ugly side these past years but luckily instead of pulling us apart, it’s only made us even more close. We’re far from perfect but we’re perfect for each other. Anyway, I’m actually kind of scared about tomorrow. The husband said that it’s easy work but since having these anxieties it’s hard for me to communicate with strangers. Just another fear I’m going to have to get over and I will.

So that’s about it for now. Some photos from today:








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