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An entry about stress.

November 20, 2012

I don’t have too much that I have to say today. Things are alright. Well, kind of. I’m just constantly stressing and I’m honestly sick and tired of it. I feel like I wake up and I’m just instantly stressed. It’s always money. Money, money, money. I feel like a failed mother because I probably won’t be able to give my children the Christmas that they deserve this  year. I feel like even more of a failure because we’re considering moving in with D’s parents just so we can save money. I guess that’s what this blog really is about though. Me, trying to make a love nest with my family. How am I supposed to make a “home” in somebody elses house? Besides the fact that D’s father and I are always on and off and at the moment I believe that we’re off. He actually makes everybody tense when he’s around. Even D’s mother. It’d be real hard to live with a man such as himself. Thick headed, know-it-all who only thinks about himself. I mean, I’m stubborn and all but this man has got me beat. How am I supposed to live with somebody like that? It’s just very frustrating.

Onto other things..

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